Web Programming Training Course

Coding is Poetry, are you sure about the terms? Actually not, you can't build a program with your emotions, programming is syntaks, part of command from human to machine, how to made machine communication with human "Hello World".

On web developing, programming languange is main support in developinng process. Html, CSS, Jquery, Php, and ASP is the example from a lot programming languange to create a website. If you only have Html skill, you can made a website, but if you want a great and smart website you need server side programming such as PHP and ASP. You can't create dynamic site with html, css, and jquery. The next techology from server side programming will be functionally for create complete website.

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Web Programming Training Course

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Discount : Rp. 800,000 Discount : Rp. 800,000 Rp. -800,000


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